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Top Ten Mini Laptops of 2010

good - nice and really weird

is over 2010 years, but remains still continue to follow the people with awe and inspiration. I am strictly speaking in the context of the laptop and tech gadgets, although I know that there are millions of other things in this world to talk about it. Take a look at our top ten mini laptops list below.

• Asus EEEPC 1001P - $ 269:
Asus is a good effort in promoting "good notebook is also available notebook" mantru.EEEPC 1001 P is a convenient storage space (160 GB), superb battery life of 11 hours and other benefits.

• Acer AO532 - $ 280:
Forget the big "9" at the end of each price tag. If the $ 999, they're just pronouncing the psychological effect that you cons of believing in the so-called "discount ".

• ASUS 1015PED - $ 330:
Asus 1015PED is slightly improved version of the previous 1005P composition. This model reeks of a vibrant body, satin finishing and soft plastic covers. Once flipped open the notebook does not hinge creak and squeak, which is a clear indication of the solid built. For $ 300 + you're in for a 10-inch screen, 1024x768 resolution, and clearly a huge track pad for easy cursor mobilnosti.Asus 1015PED brings N475 1.83GHz processor, DDR 3 RAM and 250 gigs of HDD.

• Acer Aspire One D255 - $ 330:
This notebook has a sturdy built, nice design, and most of his focus is zeroed in on the performance. You get 1 GB of RAM, dual core processor N550 class and 250 gigs of HDD a.Prijenosno computer also comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

• Samsung NF310 - $ 400:
For $ 400, Samsung NF310 comes with a stunning HD display. There Chiclet-style keyboard, large monitor and a weakening Category 1 GB DDR3 RAM. In addition, there is a 720P content playback support, 250Gigs HDD and 1024x600 resolution.

• Asus Eee 1018p:
This notebook has a whopping 2 gigs of Ram, 10 hours of battery life and Intel Atom N455 processor cores. It is relatively quick laptop in the whole election.

• Samsung N230 10.1 ":
Without further ado, check out this netbook's specs:
- OS - Windows 7 Starter Edition
- Intel Atom 1.66 GHz processor
- 1 GB RAM
- Integrated webcam and 250 Gigs of storage

• Dell Inspiron Mini 10:
This device comes with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, 10.1-inch widescreen display and 250 GB hard disk capacity. These features make it a worthy contribution to our top ten mini laptops list.

• Asus 1015PEM:
Once again, HP has proven his bravery by this device. From a general perspective, it is a good companion for a small time office worker and business person. Some of its specs are attached below:
- Operating system: Genuine Windows ® 7 Starter, Express Gate
- Display: 10.1 "WSVGA LED backlight display (1024 × 600)
- CPU & Chipset: Intel ® Atom ™ N550 Pineview dual core processors
- Memory: DDRII SO-DIMM 1GB DDR (2GB Max)

• Toshiba NB305-N310
This mini laptop is blessed with some loose specs that can not be attractive to hardcore enthusiast laptop. The device comes with Windows XP SP3, 384MB GPU memory and 1 Gigs of DDR 2 RAM.

So there you have it, our top ten list of mini-laptop.

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Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 Netbook Review

In general, netbooks and other 10-inch computer screen will tend to use smaller and more energy efficient, but very under-performing Intel Atom netbooks procesor.Nekoliko and laptop on the other hand using AMD processors, which offers many advantages in compared to the Intel Atom netbook napaja.Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 is one of those notebooks with AMD Athlon Neo K125 processor running at 1.7GHz. Does its performance match? Read on to find out.

in terms of design the Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 retains the same fold flat appearance with a glossy surface finish as well as other netbooks, but offer a full size keyboard. Unlike other netbooks, the keyboard is more comfortable to type with, while the track pad is quick and točna.Laptop is only slightly lighter than other netbooks at 2.7 pounds, but offers only a 10-inch display runs at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

Thank God when you combine a laptop screen with ATI Mobility Radeon 4225 graphics, you can enjoy 720p HD movies on the screen. Like other AMD power laptop Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 sports an HDMI connector which when used with HDTV provides a smooth Full HD 1080p streaming directly from your laptop to the HDTV.Laptop processor is definitely stronger, beating the closest Intel Atom powered netbook and ostavljajući.AMD processor running at higher speeds, though, and was also a bit warmer than other netbooks, which in turn affects the energy efficiency. Unplugged and one battery laptop can last longer than five hours, but the chassis does not get a little warmer than other netbooks.

In short, the Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 is a good netbook performance for HD video enthusiasts. Larger 250GB hard drive provides more space and capacity for HD files, and better graphics and HDMI connectivity makes it ideal for home theater alternative, especially if you need to go too.

Streaming Video on Netbooks - Are They Good For Watching YouTube?

Most people think netbooks are for viewing online content. They are entitled to a certain extent, but they are aware of the fact that the largest portion of bandwidth is used for viewing streaming media over the Internet?

streaming video is a smashing hit since it first appeared only a few years ago. Now, every day millions of videos are watched on YouTube alone, and no smartphones taken seriously if you can not play video from the biggest video sharing site.

laptops for the job? Are they increasing in power enough to play online streaming media without any problems?

Netbooks tend to have the least power consumption hardware as possible and it usually does not result in a strong processor and much memorije.Cijena must be low and the manufacturer will be able to do so if they add additional features such as dual-core processor and fast graphics cards.

a common setup for a 10 "netbook today is N270, N280 or N450 Intel Atom processor, which is all but computing power. If you want to get some word processing work, you will not be left alone, reading news and my favorite blog will be a problem. Once you find an interesting video on YouTube, you might be the problem, though.

N270 and N280 is an old chip, but still very popular and common in netbooks. Former works at 1.6GHz, the latter is clocked at 1.66GHz, each with 512KB of L2 cache and Hyper Threading technology to solve some tasks pitanja.N450 N280 is similar in all respects, but the fact that the memory controller and integrated graphics chip.

problem with the N450 to the latest Flash that YouTube is still used despite all the debate and the battle between Apple and Adobe about flash, the enhanced graphics chips. What this means is that the integrated graphics solution N450 slower than what most netbook makers using the N270, video playback can be even slower than the older chip. Integrated graphics chips are also external chips, as well as Nvidia ION redundant.

All netbooks with these chips will run standard definition video perfectly, unless you run something in the background. The usual 1GB of memory disappears quickly when media applications are included.

High Definition YouTube videos are more demanding than a DivX encoded video will be, you will need something stronger than the usual N270 or N450. Nvidia ION them play perfectly all the way to 1080p, and while you May have some luck with the N280 when trying to 720p whole experience will be satisfactory.

Netbooks little YouTube video until your high-definition, but ran out of steam at higher resolutions. You have to decide for yourself if low upfront cost netbook justify the inability to play HD video from most popular streaming media site.

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Editor's Choice - ASUS Eee PC 1001PX Netbook Review

Asus Eee PC 1001PX is elegant in its design, but also good in terms of its performance, as well as energy-efficient features. In fact 1001PX is one of the most popular models in the 10 inch category.

Although this netbook model has a similar design as other models of Eee PC series, but the differences are mainly in terms of its features and specifikacije.Asus Eee PC 1001PX notebook model power packed with Intel Atom N450 processor and loaded with genuine Windows 7 Starter Edition.

This is a very reliable laptop from ASUS brand is among one of the best netbook manufacturers, and known for their excellent battery life, good keyboard and touch pads, and higher-end models.

Many of you will be pleased to hear that 1001PX has three options in terms of its color so you can easily choose either black, white or even blue, depending on your specific okusa.Osnovne features ASUS Eee PC 1001PX model that has 10.1-inch LED-backlit screen resolution of 1024 x 600

It measures 10.3 (L) x 7 (W) x 1.4 (H) cm and weighing 2.8 pounds. Another thing worth mentioning here is the fact that it featured a non-glare screen. It's 802.11 b / g / n WiFi connectivity, a camera for live chat, card reader slot to support SD / MMC card.

Another thing about 1001PX is that it comes with a built-in 0.3MP camera that can very well be used for video conferencing, and even conversation. And do not forget that the Asus Eee PC 1001PX also has good battery life and can provide up to 4 hours of battery life and can be performed with ease.

1001PX netbook weighs 1.27Kg with 6 cell battery 3 cell battery and weighs 1.1kg's what's really great for those who travel frequently. While other laptop this series Eee PC has more brilliance of nature, which leads to a lot of finger print and do not look so clear, but the Asus Eee PC 1001PX has not gloss carbon fiber like finish.

This model comes with genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium and Intel Atom N450 processor.

Top 5 Best Selling Netbooks - July 2009 Edition

There are so many netbooks already on the market and more coming in the near budućnosti.Netbook market has grown neočekivano.Na market that is only one player is now seen almost all the hardware comes in.

With so many services on the Netbook market, it is increasingly difficult to identify the most appropriate for their own netbook. To make things even more difficult for mortals to choose from, almost all netbooks are built with the same hardware module.

So, to ease the pain of choosing the best netbook for yourself, use the following information about the top best-selling netbook netbook correctly choose the future you need.

1 Asus Eee PC 1005HA

ASUS really has done this put.Nedavno launched 1005HA unit is truly a work of the artist. Without doubt, this latest offering from ASUS hitting it right on the sweet spot.

CPU: Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz processor
RAM: 1GB / 2GB max
DISK: 160GB 5400rpm drive
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Display: 10.1 inch 1024x600
Battery: 6 cell Li-ion.
Keyboard:. 92% of regular-sized keyboard

2 Acer Aspire One AOD250

Price wise, it should be the best value for money you'll ever get from buying a netbook. It's got all the bells and whistles for the highest level netbook.Tipkovnica size, however, a little on the small side compared to most other netbooks in this list.

CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.60GHz processor
RAM: 1GB / 2GB max
DISK: 160GB 5400rpm drive
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Display: 10.1 inch 1024x600
Battery:. 6 cell Li-ion

3 Lenovo IdeaPad S12

This long-awaited piece of beauty really packs a punch. One of the few 12-inch netbook on the market today. Those who demand 1080p video playback should give this a try. Its 12-inch profile allows it to be equipped with full-size keyboard. Typing problem? Not with this netbook.

CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.60GHz processor
RAM: 1GB / 2GB max
DISK: 160GB 5400rpm drive
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g
Display: 12 inch 1280x800
Battery: 6 cell Li-ion.
Keyboard:. Full size

4 Toshiba NB205

comes in late in the market certainly has its advantages. In a market where the hardware specs are basically similar, this handset Toshiba netbook apart from the others in terms of design. How about a netbook with at least 8 hours of battery life? Add full-size keyboard mix, and you certainly have the best sales record in this netbook Toshiba NB205.

CPU: Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz processor
RAM: 1GB / 2GB max
DISK: 160GB 5400rpm drive
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Display: 10.1 inch 1024x600
Battery: 6 cell Li-ion.
Keyboard:. Full size

5 HP Mini 2140

HP continues to provide solid and durable netbooks for mase.Mini 2140 is definitely built tough. Hard disk drive protection, a metal alloy hinges, hardened steel pin axles and a special coating keyboard will surely protect your device against normal bumps, knocks, wear and tear. Very convenient for those who are really on the road.

CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.60GHz processor
RAM: 1GB / 2GB max
DISK: 160GB 5400rpm drive
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Display: 10.1 inch 1024x576
Battery: 6 cell Li-ion.
Keyboard:. 92% of regular-sized keyboard

above the Top 5 best selling Netbooks at the moment. Yes, there are way too many netbook models to choose from today. If you really do not know which to choose, then just get any of the above list. They are best sellers for nothing.

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Toshiba Mini NB255-N245 Netbook (Intel Atom N455, 8.3 Hours of Battery Life)

Toshiba NB255 netbook mini-N245 is a compact and lightweight netbook, perfect for travel and transport to school, work or on vacation. The Mini weighs less than three pounds, too, so that makes it easy to storage unit correctly and effectively, without worrying hardware inside.

Toshiba NB255 N245 Mini-Notebook begins with a 10.1-inch LED-backlit widescreen display is ideal for browsing and checking out the screen resolution of 1024x600 piksela.Integrirana Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 video processor comes with up to 250 GB of allocated common graphics memory.

1.66 GHz Intel Atom N455 processor offers plenty of juice under the hood, which makes this netbook a perfect machine for getting a job in cramped quarters. This is a great unit for taking notes in class or firing up some work on the business sastanak.NB255-N245 Netbook has the speed and responsiveness to several other similarly priced netbooks can manage.

for this netbook packs in Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking capabilities comfort of their arsenal, too. With up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range using 802.11n-compatible router and 802.11g networks, the Toshiba NB255 N245 Mini-Notebook is backward compatible with 802.11b / g networks and provides more bang for your buck than most comparable units.

is also included in the NB255-N245 is a boatload Toshiba softvera.Toshiba Media Controller lets you share all your media files, while the Toshiba Bulletin Board provides the ultimate in organizational applications under one roof. Also included is a Toshiba ReelTime, convenient program that uses thumbnails to ease the complicated search for files.

Six-cell battery provides up to 8.3 hours of battery life, making your Toshiba NB255 netbook mini-N245 a great choice for the title on the road. Sleep and charge USB allows you to keep your laptop charged without using extra juice, which means you can keep this netbook is full of juice, even without having to be on. What's more, you can charge your smart phone and MP3 player with a nice port.

priced under $ 300 at most major retailers, Toshiba NB255 N245 Mini-Notebook is a great buy for students and business people alike.

Toshiba Netbook NB505 Review

Laptop hunting can be a difficult process, as with so many laptops out there to choose from, each boasting features and benefits. However, a laptop that is equipped with all these things and more the Toshiba NB505 mini. With its modern design and highly efficient capacity to give you a quick and versatile and a great machine, you will have a laptop on the amazing quality that is sure to please and put an end to your laptop hunting.

With its Intel Atom processor, Toshiba provides high speed connectivity, and eight hours of battery life score that will keep on using it if you're at home or on the road. No matter where you are, you can enjoy this laptop with ease and convenience of both internally and externally, as EasyGrip finish allowing you to easily grab it and go pick it up, and it is not letting slip of the fingers and crash to the floor .

Also, because of their fast internet connection, you can easily get access to Wi-Fi hot spots and keep in touch with their best friends, your family, log on to social networking sites, and get your favorite websites easily and quickly. With its 10.1-inch LED-backlit screen, a full size keyboard, plenty, it is easy to see what you are doing and the kinds of things with my friends, draw, or create new documents and emails, from the comfort of being able to type with ease and efficiency. Also, a wide screen will be a great addition for watching movies and shows as you will get excellent graphics quality that will see the media as well as your web pages and images with ease and with amazing clarity.

The 250 GB hard drive, can store up to thousands of photos and documents with ease, and you can store all your media library collection on it without problems. Store your pictures there with a SD memory card from your camera, as well as a slot for you in your system. All of this will be protected, too, with 3D effect sensor that can detect all types of shocks, freefalls, or vibration, keeping your information safe and out of harm way.

with the Microsoft Windows 7 Starter System, you'll find that the Office of the starter that will give you the option to have Word and Excel, so you can get cracking on the next novel, or you can budget your monthly expenses with a spreadsheet that calculates all information for you. You can buy the whole package and receive Outlook, PowerPoint and other features and ad-free experience.

No matter what your needs are, whether you like browsing the web, or whether composing e-mail and documents is the primary need you have with your laptop, it can easily be done with a Toshiba, because you have the ability to get it done quickly and effectively right at your fingertips. Whether you use it for conversation purposes, to connect with people, friends and family, high speed internet will make this laptop for you, as you will be able to expertly navigate the web or keep in touch with friends and family with this device that has and all is good.

A Review of the MSI Wind Nettop 100

MSI Wind nettop 100 is getting a lot of opinions about its functionality and effectiveness. Although many feel as though it is not as functional as a normal desktop computer, it has a few pros to.

This sweet, tiny PC measures just 65mm (D) x 240mm (W) x 300mm (H) which means it will fit just about anywhere you decide to place it. It is perfect for individuals who May have a small workspace and the best thing is that while small, seems like a great PC with all the features you'll need for work, surfing the net, or do whatever it is that you need to your computer.

nettop 100 is equipped with Intel dual-core Atom CPU with a 33 and 2GB of DDR2 533/400 memory instaliran.Najbolja thing about it is that it also saves nearly 90% of electricity, while in full speed operation with only 35 vata.Mogućnosti this machine is far greater than many people expected, because their thought is that since it is a tiny device, the results would not be so great.

with the MSI Wind nettop will be able to do whatever you want while going green, because it is energy saving and low consumption računala.Dno line is anyone who does not play or not any of difficult tasks will be more than satisfied with this device. MSI Wind nettop 100 is a true superstar in a small package!

Atom N270 Or N280 - Does it Even Matter?

When trying to choose a netbook with a few dozen different models on the shelves of any computer store will sooner or later run on a processor problem. There are about four or five different processors used extensively by the manufacturer, this article aims to help you decide between the two commonly seen variations, Atom N270 and N280.

single-core Atom processors are not made to win overclocking competition and achieve high performance on the charts, but the differences are so that you can not just walk into a store and point at random netbook if you want to make sure you get one that will fetch your e-mails and launch your browser for a long time.

There are a number of processors used in small laptops, but two popular variations give some headaches to people who are not that computer savvy, N270 and N280. Let's look at the facts and the differences!

Both processors come with a single physical core and Hyperthreading to best take advantage of the single core. This technology enables the Intel processor switch between tasks quickly to tubes filled with data and instructions of all time. It helps a lot with multi-tasking, and that where they are needed the biggest boost, a nice move from Intel. Both processors use the same computational core (Bonnell), with 47 million transistors and the same packaging.

512KB L2 cache memory helps feed FPUs with fresh data. N270 runs at 1.60GHz, 12x133MHz and N280 had resulted in 10x166MHz 1.66GHz.Veća value FSB helps memory operations on paper, but in reality it does not boost the effectiveness of all puno.Razlika the clock speed is less than five percent, if nothing , to give some boost, but nothing you'll notice. Even the most sensitive benchmark programs to observe the difficulties when trying to measure the performance difference.

If you find a netbook, which has better features, but the N270 N280 netbook, I strongly suggest you buy one with a slower processor, because the difference will not be pokazati.Isto goes for N450 by the way, it's the same speed as the N280 but with integrated graphics core and memory controller to push consumption down by 40% thorough the whole system.

Atom N270 and N280 manages to remain on the market, but the difference between them is smaller than the error margin is a measure of the software so if you want to choose a netbook should do so using different measures in order to decide between two similar models. The quality of the keyboard, battery life, screen surface, and visibility are all important factors.

Hp Mini Netbook Pc: Latest Hp Mini 210-1010Nr Netbook Review

Specifications: It was in terms of connectivity, power or features, innovative HP Mini 210-1010nr netbook is able to provide excellent worth for its price (it is currently priced at about $ 389 per unit). This 10.1-inch model includes a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor TM. It has a 250GB hard drive and 1GB of DDR3 memory.

Like most netbooks this measurement, 10-inch screen HD display with 1024 x 600 pixels. It also comes with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. This model also includes a wide range of ports and connectors. It features Digital Media Reader, multimedia, graphics card, 3 USB ports, headphone / microphone jack, and VGA output.

Appearance: HP Mini 210-1010nr is part of the HP mini range. It weighs just 2.89 pounds and measuring about 10.55 x 6.9 x 09-011 ins. So great is only a very slim and professional-looking mini netbooks.

Features and functionality: the combination of an excellent collection of stereo audio system, 256M Graphics card processor, remote control and mercury-free LED widescreen display that helps the HP Mini 210-1010nr a fantastic platform for watching HD videos and movies. It is extremely flexible 10-inch netbook model, which is a great desktop replacement, which will help you try to do as well as gameplay. This fashionable netbook mini computers will prove to be a good buy for busy people who are looking for a portable, affordable and cost-effective mini netbook do.

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Asus Eee PC Touch T91 Tablet Netbook Review (8.9-Inch Touch Screen)

Specifications: S ignition netbook revolution, Asus has rolled out yet another netbook model, which is set to the computer world by storm. Introducing the Asus Eee PC Netbook T91 Touch Tablet. It is as small as a netbook, it looks like a netbook, but it comes with a dynamic, 8.9-inch touch screen dodir.8 0.9-inch touch screen LED backlit display with 1024 x 600 resolution. This model comes with an Intel Atom Z520 (1.33GHz), 1GB of RAM and a 16GB hard drive (with 20GB of online storage). This May seem a little small so the hard disk standards, but it's more than enough for those of use who often use our netbooks for surfing the net, word processing and running light applications.

Design: Asus Eee PC T91 Touch is black in color with a glossy black casing. It is extremely small and lightweight, weighing only 2.11 pounds with battery and measuring only 8.77 x 6.39 x 0.98 cm.8 0.9-inch touch screen can be rotated and a variety of angles, and can even and be flipped over his face to the outside. This is one of the most portable tablet PC that has ever hit the market!

features and performance: Given the modest set of specs, the Asus Eee PC Touch T91 failed to impress us with its features and performansama.Baterije on this model can take up to 5 hours on a single punjenju.Zaslon touch is also very fun to use. It comes with a set of custom applications to support the handwriting on the screen and other forms of navigation with touch screen. You can use any stylus or your fingers to navigate using the touch screen. At the time of writing, this model is retailing for about $ 497 each, an incredible price tag for the pills. Many leading tech publications have given Asus Eee PC T91 Touch a solid 4 star rating!

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What Everybody Should Know Regarding Google Chromebooks

Have you been hearing all the hype about the soon to be released Google Chrome notebook aka Chromebooks? What you probably do not know that the notebook is Google Chrome will be the first of its kind. What I mean by "This kind of" you're wondering, I think Google has decided to offer a laptop that is specifically designed for use on the Internet and nothing else. There are millions of people online every day, and most of them use high-power notebooks and desktops, when really all they care about or use the internet, and not any other function on that computer. It has become the Google of thinking, why drive a Porsche to work and back, when all you need is a Volkswagen Bug.

to give you some more information on a laptop computer with Google Chrome I want to make sure you know exactly what it does and what it has to ponuditi.Prva thing you need to know if you have not already guessed, a laptop computer with Google Chrome will run Google Chrome only operating system that will ensure that the computer starts up very fast and quickly left for you to use. Below you can fill out to see some more specs notebook Google Chrome, which should help to understand whether this is a laptop computer is right for you or not.

Google Cr-48 Technical Specifications:

    Google Chrome 12.1-inch matte screen (1280 x 800) LED-backlit Intel Atom N455 processor (1.66 GHz) Intel integrated graphics 2 GB DDR3 RAM 16 GB SSD (SDSA4DH SanDisk NAND flash-016G) Wi-Fi: 802.11 a / b / g / n Mobile Broadband (3G) CDMA-based WWAN (Qualcomm Gobi2000) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Atheros AR5BBU12) One USB 2.0 port and SD / SDHC memory card reader Li-ion battery (63 Wh capacity) Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.6 x 0.9 cm

something to point out that your computer shows nothing of this magnitude, but it will have a long battery life, and it will be great for people who travel or who just wants a computer can be put in a bag and take with you wherever everywhere they go. What most people do not realize that your computer battery reflects how powerful your computer is going to be, because when the battery starts to die the computer tends to slow down.

Another thing I want to stress that there is no CD-ROM drive on your computer, and the reason is because Google Chromebook is designed for internet and nothing else. When it comes to running Google Chromebook one thing you quickly realize that it is working with Google "Apps" and because this is what you need, you'll preuzeti.Velika thing about a laptop is that Google Chrome does not have to wait that much longer to see how they work, because the official release date of 15th June 2011 is close enough that you can probably feel the notebook Google Chrome at your fingertips.

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Why I Bought My HP Mini 2140

I just bought my new HP Mini 2140, and I'm obsessed with it. Now I have never been more excited about surfing the net from my bed, kitchen, bathroom, and of course WiFi cafe. It's got to P23, 995 (around $ 430) from Villman Computers in Robinson's Pioneer.

For me it will always be HP HP in terms of reliability and was the hands down choice in relation to the Asus Eee PC and Acer Aspire netbook

Mini 2140 specifications are as follows:

10.1 TFT screen


92% of the full keyboard (which has the largest netbook keyboard for my big fingers)

Shock Protection, anti-spill keyboard

of 2 GB of memory after upgrade from 1GB P1, 000 ($ 20)


3 mg cell battery provides about 3 hours of surfing time

Windows XP

Intel Core Duo

What's in my Mini 2140? Google Chrome!

I am now an official fan of Google Chrome. In fact, even I'm typing this blog entry through Chrome. :) Why this is perfect for my HP Mini 2041

1) No Menu Toolbar! It gives more space for viewing!

2) Speed​​! Faster than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

3) It has safety features and the features of Firefox tab. :)

What more can you ask for? Google Chrome and my HP Mini are now best friends.

Download Now! Go to

What are the important installations in my Mini 2140?

I've been using my netbook for about a week. So far so good! It really is worth it! I already took a lot of games emulators, published lots of pictures, countless hours of surfing, and download the album!

Here are my Top 5 recommended installing the Mini 2140:

) - works faster with fewer resources? Played pretty much any video and music available.

b) Google Chrome - gives you more screen space for browsing. See more details in my previous post! :)

c) Fox is a reader - uses less resources than Adobe PDF

d) Open Office instead of MS Office - definitely more convenient and faster

e) Meebo - All in one IM software. Compatible with most IM software.

to compare and see all your options.

HP MINI 311: Inexpensive Notebook Computer

If you're in the market for the purchase of any notebook from Hold on! First, read my story and then decide what to buy. I'm here to tell you something important about the new inexpensive laptop HP Mini 311.HP Mini 311 seems obvious evolution of the HP Mini dizajn.Proizvod which is very small in view, but capable of doing great things. HP has always been a good name in innovation and new design features.

New HP Mini 311 offers the following system specifications:

 • Genuine Windows Vista (32-bit)
 • Intel Atom N270 processor 1.60GHz (533MHz FSB)
 • 160GB SATA HDD 5400 rpm
 • 11.6-inch WSVGA + (1366x768)
 • Nvidia Ion LE
 • 802.11a/b/g
 • 4-in-1 media slot

HP Mini 311 # 1

Construction and dizajn.HP Mini 311 units made ​​up of plastic. This is a super combination of glossy black plastic, shiny silver and matte black plastic plastike.Preklopni, such as design gives the Mini 311 is very clean look and "Black Swirl" Imprint finish has a nice design spiral pattern that looks like either a bunch of red / blue galaxies bumping in another, or a bed of black roses.

There is nothing much changes in this new laptop if you compare with the beginning of the ministry. You can find mostly the same with the others, but if you go into the laptop you'll find that the keyboard is much better than starija.Više gesture keyboard is supposed to operate smoothly and quietly. The keyboard is just a feather touch. Highly sensitive keyboard allows you to type quickly and easily.

HP Mini 311 # 2

The technical work. After discussing the construction and design, we now need to take care of the technical installations of the HP Mini 311th Powered with an Intel Atom N270 processor to your high-speed operation and transfer podataka.160GB 5400 rpm SATA HDD helps you retrieve information quickly without taking time mush. 6-cell lithium-polymer battery provides your batteries upto 6.25hrs. You can easily work in your carrying on the move.

HP Mini 311 # 3

Networking and collaboration. Now we should get the most important feature of a laptop that is Wi-Fi connectivity. This laptop provides up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range using 802.11n-compatible routers, as they would with 802.11g networks.

HP Mini 311 # 4

Thin and light weighted. This is one of the most small size and light weighted mobile computer in the category of cheap computers. You can take it with you wherever you want without any tension and hassle free. It may be in the form of a bag in his hand, without acquiring any additional or huge space.

HP Mini 311 # 5

Prikaz.Novi 11.6-inch screen on the Mini 311 is a nicely LED-backlit panel with 1366x768 razlučivost.Sjajna screen surface helps to improve color and contrast with the Ion Nvidia graphics chip. It is very good for making any graphical representation.

Hp laptop computers was always trying to give you more or less. You can buy a HP laptop, because they are affordable, well-done and well-function devices. So for daily tasks like web surfing and document processing, it is expected to perform just as well as many other inexpensive notebook computer that comes with similar specs.
Editor's rating 9 out of 10

Netbook - Mini Notebook Computers - What Features Do They Come With?

no longer have to lug around a laptop with a 15 inch monitor to work or surf the Internet. This is because the number of companies now produce some very high end PC mini laptop instead. These are called netbooks by many. Although much smaller and harder to be a lot less, they come with a lot of the same features and capabilities as a standard-size laptop.

So what can you expect to get if you consider purchasing one of the many major netbook computers that are now available? Below we look at the types of features that these computers come with today.

features 1 - The screen size depends on various makes and models available, but are generally between 8 and 10 inches in size. However, when it comes to the screen of the revolution, it still varies from model to model. However, in most cases, you will find that this is a good 1024 x 600, which produces very high quality picture, especially if you are watching online video on your own.

features 2 - As most people will use your netbook to surf the web, connecting the most important. In most cases today, along with having at least 3 USB ports that can connect a variety of hardware, including keyboard, if you want, they also have an Ethernet connection. Plus each one will have the latest wireless technology installed as long as you have Wi-Fi zones to access the internet will not be a problem.

Plus, if you're willing to spend a little extra on your computer, then allow some ability to connect an external display device to them, such as DVI / S-video support. You can also have a machine that allows the optical drives to be connected to yours.

Feature 3 -. Processors installed in these machines are designed to not use too much energy and in most cases they will either have C7D VIA, and AMD, or the popular Intel Atom processor installed

features 4 - When it comes to hard disk on a netbook, yet the size will vary from model to model. However, in most cases, they are between 512MB and 2GB. But it depends on the type of storage system installed. Some are simple hard disk while other more expensive models have a solid state disk (SSD) instaliran.Razlog that some models are going for the SSD is that you not only work at much higher speeds and take up less space in the machine, but also use less energy from traditional types of hard drives.

Feature 5 - When it comes to operating system again, what make and model machine you buy will determine that. In most cases today, they will either use Windows XP or Linux. However, some will have Windows Vista installed. This is generally to be found in high end netbook, which are equipped with powerful processors, because the operating system needs more power to operate.

Acer AspireRevo AR3610-U9022 Mini Desktop (Nettop) Review

Acer AspireRevo AR3610-U9022 is a new extension model is very successful Acer AspireRevo AR1600 nettop. It sports a few upgrades in the specs and features. For a starter, the newer model comes with an Intel Atom N330 (1.6GHz) processor. It also comes with 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 160GB hard disk.

Acer AspireRevo AR3610-U9022 also has a memory card reader, NVIDIA ION graphics card, 6 USB ports and HDMI priključak.Naočale are still geared towards HD entertainment. When hooked up to HDTV, the nettop will serve as a definition entertainment unit. It can be connected to a wireless network or be connected to the internet, although its 802.11b / wireless connectivity.

Another update on Acer AspireRevo AR3610-U9022 that does not come with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. This greatly reduces the track to have a compact desktop system. It maintains its slim profile, measuring at 1.2 x 7.1 x 7.1 cm in size. In terms of design, some changes were made ​​to the design of the stand. Instead of picture-frame-style box, this new model is tilted at an angle to the base.

This gives easy access to ports and connectors. All in all, it still maintains a compact, stylish and sleek look. Due to upgrades in specs and hardware, the new model is slightly more expensive than its predecessor. At the time of writing, this little nettop model is priced around $ 329 per unit.

Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Asus Eee PC 1015PED

Many laptops are developed and manufactured by computer companies and one of the companies that manufacture them is Asus. Here is one of Asus laptops that the company manufacture for their customers Asus Eee PC 1015PED. It is important to know about laptops before you decide to buy one.

This model is the Asus run late in the summer of 2010, although these laptops have high-performance graphics and high-resolution displays, however, its overall performance was good enough to use.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In this notebook, and its advantages are that the keyboard is nice that you will be comfortable to use and has excellent battery life.

On the other hand, its drawback is that the poor video performance, which means you will not enjoy watching movies in HD in this laptop except that the laptop was expensive for what you get.

Asus Eee PC 1015PED is powered by 1.83 GHz Intel Atom N475 processor.

has 3 built in USB port, Ethernet port, VGA port, headphones, power adapter jack and SD card slot, and microphone.

has a 10.1 inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels.

It also has a built in speaker that is located on the bottom front of the Asus laptop, a built in cam just like other laptops.

to read the reviews or comments online looking for some of his close friends who have knowledge of computers can help in deciding which laptop is best for you. You should also take time to read online reviews to see what other people think.

Better yet, you can often read the reviews on shopping sites that will allow you to compare prices. See below for a few sites that can help get you started.

Samsung Ns310 Netbook Review

This 10-inch netbook has a high resolution 1366 x 768 pixel matte LCD screen that is different from the model of NF210. It also uses a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 dual core processor, around the 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard disk. Display and unusual curvature in his case makes this netbook stands. Price wise it is more expensive than we are accustomed to a 10-inch netbook like the $ 300 or less. This model of Samsung NF310 sells for about $ 399.

Let's look a closer look at the case. Wavy side to provide a new feeling, although I can imagine it will not work for everyone.

The touchpad is located in a little making it as comfortable as it is less than dlan.Otok style keyboard with a flat surface of the keys has a little space between each key. This is not a full-sized keyboard, but it feels nice to not feel cramped or uncomfortable. For a 10 inch width is slightly larger than other netbooks this size, but the weight sits below 2.9 pounds.

is a brilliant cover which may attract some fingerprints. It opens up nicely and a little wider than most of these netbooks. Samsung is known to use matte screen, because they do not reflect the direct sunlight, and even beyond the corners of the screen seems to be clear and simple. With high-resolution 1366 x 768 pixel display content on the screen and all icons are clear, but should have good eyesight to survive several hours of work on such a small screen. May be I am biased, but I personally prefer 1024 x 600 pixels, allowing fewer but larger content.

The sound system consists of 1.5 W speakers sound loud and clear.

version of Atom N550 dual core processor is about 20% faster than one core, which allows playing 720p HD video nicely. It's the same Intel GMA 3150 graphics accelerators as well as most other netbooks.

compared to other models such as the Asus Eee PC 1015PN or HP Mini 5103 NF310 Samsung holds its own. She handles the day to day tasks, browsing the net, edit various files, play some games. Netbooks are not generally designed to handle large programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop, edit the videos may be impossible, but what is the Samsung NF310 is a nice little netbook, and should definitely be considered as a viable option in its category.

A Review of the MSI Wind Nettop 100

MSI Wind nettop 100 is getting a lot of opinions about its functionality and effectiveness. Although many feel as though it is not as functional as a normal desktop computer, it has a few pros to.

This sweet, tiny PC measures just 65mm (D) x 240mm (W) x 300mm (H) which means it will fit just about anywhere you decide to place it. It is perfect for individuals who May have a small workspace and the best thing is that while small, seems like a great PC with all the features you'll need for work, surfing the net, or do whatever it is that you need to your computer.

nettop 100 is equipped with Intel dual-core Atom CPU with a 33 and 2GB of DDR2 533/400 memory instaliran.Najbolja thing about it is that it also saves nearly 90% of electricity, while in full speed operation with only 35 vata.Mogućnosti this machine is far greater than many people expected, because their thought is that since it is a tiny device, the results would not be so great.

with the MSI Wind nettop will be able to do whatever you want while going green, because it is energy saving and low consumption računala.Dno line is anyone who does not play or not any of difficult tasks will be more than satisfied with this device. MSI Wind nettop 100 is a true superstar in a small package!

Intel Motherboard Features

Intel motherboard designs come in four basic sizes, each with its own unique characteristics. Notwithstanding the major differences, there are some general features that all share to some degree or another: the memory, expansion, storage, and integrated peripherals


The size and socks are closely linked in the largest series Intel motherboard on the market specifically designed to host several Xeon server-class chips, while the smallest ITX Intel motherboard series is used only for mobile CPU socket or even a Netbook / nettop CPU socket for Intel Atom processor family budget. The middle two groups, ATX and Micro ATX, both houses of the desktop CPU socket, although there are several servers ATX motherboard, and at least one Micro ATX motherboard with Intel socket designed for use with a laptop CPU. Obviously the higher the motherboard physically more able to be integrated.

One of these features, memory sockets, which are becoming more and more important as the 64-bit CPU and 64-bit software continues to gain traction in the market. One of the main advantages of going 64-bit capability to deal with large amounts of system memory, but all that memory should be a place to plug it into any Intel motherboard. This is where the memory sockets come in, and more Intel motherboards tend to have more of them than smaller, because they tend to consume relatively large amounts of physical space. Since most Intel motherboard supports dual-design or even triple channel memory configurations, many memory sockets are located in pairs or in trija.Memorija sockets are usually designed for specific types of memory that operate in a rather limited tolerance when it comes to speed (MHz ), and electrical requirements.

Memory and CPU socket are not the only things that can be connected to most Intel motherboards. All but the very smallest Intel motherboard design feature places designed to accommodate a variety of add-in cards ranging from graphics adapters to high-end RAID array devices. These are commonly referred to as 'place' and come in AGP, ISA, PCI, PCI-X, PCIe, PCI-G, and many other styles and types. Some species, such as AGP only useful for certain kinds of extra modules, while the other slots, such as PCIE all general-purpose and allow Intel motherboard will be expanded and adapted to perform any number of customized tasks.

Of course, many of those very tasks that were once exclusively handled by the add-plates are now part of the standard range of integrated features. Onboard sound, network, USB controllers, SATA, and even advanced RAID controllers are very common there almost every Intel motherboard on the market. While some of these features, such as RAID controllers come in many flavors, the general rule is that you get what you pay for, the more expensive Intel motherboard would be more likely to have better integrated RAID controller. Some of these integrated features may not work well for today, but it has an expansion slot helps to ensure that future upgradability and expansion without complete system replacement is possible if any part of the integrated feature set is still considered insufficient.

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Read this First When Looking to Buy a Netbook

A lot of people looking for advice on buying a netbook. This is great, but many experienced members here end up matching the same questions again and again, without input from new članova.Najbolja thing you can do is go through and answer these questions before us are asking what to buy:

1.Screen Size - what size screen you're looking for? There are basically three sizes out there: ".. Keep in mind that larger screens tend to have higher resolution and be a little more comfortable for long viewing 10" 10 ", 11.6" and 12 netbooks tend to be slightly smaller and lighter in overall size, but their lower-resolution screen can be a pain for web browsing, media playback and office productivity.

2.Battery life - one of the most important aspects regarding netbook is how long it can last on one charge. How much you need to you use? Do not forget to keep in mind that manufacturers estimates are about 1-2 more than you will probably get in real world conditions.

3.Processor - Do you have a penchant for anything Intel or AMD? Series Intel Atom has been widely used in netbooks because it tends to give the best energy efficiency. AMD processors often provide better performance in the Atom line, but they are not as effective. In other words, the Atom powered netbook will last longer on one charge, but AMD is powered netbook with a generally perform faster.

4.Video - Is this it will only be used for video playback standard definition, or want to play HD content as well? What is YouTube? Most netbook wrong with 360p video clips on YouTube, but you need hardware acceleration for 480p and higher.

5.Other Multimedia - If you want to run iTunes, Windows Media Player, or something else to play music? What about the photo or video editing? Will I be coding a large amount of music on this or will it strictly be used for video / audio playback and viewing? Most netbooks are fine to show the typical media playback applications like iTunes, to view photos. Advanced photo editing software, such as using Photoshop, you really should not be done on a netbook.

pre-installed operating system - you want to stick to the old ways of Windows XP or Windows 7 you want to taste? You may want to break away from it and go with a Linux distro. Just be aware that Windows 7 has its limits Starter, Windows XP is phased out, and Linux can run most programs to the public.

6.RAM - how much RAM you want pre-installed on netbooks? Windows 7 Starter equipped netbooks tend to be pre-installed with 1GB of RAM can be upgraded to 2GB RAM. Netbooks come with Windows 7 Home Premium will have 2GB of RAM pre-installed and can be upgraded to 4GB. It all depends on the processor and the manufacturer though.

Hard Drive Size - Is it enough or want to 160GB 250GB or more? Measuring the hard disk size can be tricky. Installed programs can take a good piece, but the majority of hard disk space is consumed with audio and video files. Most netbook comes with either 160GB or 250GB hard drive. There are some models that can be adapted to brewing internal hard drives, such as, or from, but they come at a price.

7.Wireless Linking - Are you OK with standard 802.11g Wi-Fi or do not want to go all out and get a model with 802.11n and Bluetooth? Most wireless routers, public and private, operating under 802.11g. However, some people want May 802.11n if you have this type of wireless usmjerivača.Glavna benefit of 802.11n is not seen in a faster Internet connection, but faster speeds when streaming media over wireless networks.

to expand the possibilities - you want to connect the netbook to USB DVD burner, USB hard disk, or something else? Would you like to have it built-in multi-card reader so that you can copy images from a memory card that is in your digital camera? What is eSATA? eSATA is a standard used for connecting external hard drives to computers. This is an advantage to more than 6 times faster than USB 2.0 (USB standard for most netbooks). However, eSATA is still something that is not fully caught on.

8.Brand Settings - Many people prefer one brand over another. This usually comes from years of experience with different brands.

Purchase Settings - If you want to strictly stick to store bought or would you mind buying online? Keep in mind that your credit card company May offer an extended warranty from the manufacturer to the past. Call them and ask.

try them - One of the best things you can do is go down to your local electronics store and try out their models. It does not matter if you buy them or not, you'll still get to experience hardware. Personal experiences are much more valuable than user reviews.

Cost - How much would you spend on it? Does this mean that the price includes any extra accessories or add-ons (RAM, upgrade to something better than Windows 7 Starter, pouch, warranty) or is it only?

Best Selling NetBooks

Translating ...

In 2007, HP introduced the netbook in consumers' market, although they lacked the quality of performance and exceptional features that their notebook counterparts possessed. They also cost much less than their competitors. Today, netbooks are smaller and contain more computer technology giving them the advantage over laptops.

Handheld PC `s predecessor, the netbooks. These types of computers have the same features that one would see in laptops such as larger hard drives and ergonomically friendly keyboards that make for comfortable use. They were first introduced to the public in the 1990 `s, although they lack many of the standard features of today's netbooks, such as Bluetooth capabilities and Wi-Fi capabilities and were less popular with the public.

The first netbook models, HP has introduced in 2007, had great features, like a small 7-inch screen, smaller keyboard and hard disk drives. All ran on its own modified Linux operating system has been designed specifically for video games, multimedia, or business purposes.

Netbooks are readily available throughout the market with advancements coming in the near future. There is great growth potential in improving the netbooks that are faster and better than any other computer out there. With plenty of netbook market services, it becomes almost impossible to find a netbook that best suits your needs. What makes it even harder is that the same hardware module installed in almost all netbooks.

Asus was the first and now the best selling netbook on the market. Their flagship model, the Asus 1005H, works as a 'super computer'. This is a 160 GB hard drive, 10.1 inch screen, Intel Atom Processor, Bluetooth capabilities, and Wi-Fi connection. The size of the keyboard is about 90 percent of the regular keyboard.

The second best selling netbook Acer Aspire I. This computer is very compact, and the price is relatively low compared with other netbooks. This provides the best value for the price and received intensive support for the computer market. Some of the features of this netbook include 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7 Starter, 1 GB RAM, Intel Atom N450 processor, six cell battery and 160 GB hard drive.

The third best selling netbook Lenovo Idea Pad S12. This computer has a 12-inch screen, weighs about 3 1 / 2 kg, Windows XP, full-size keyboard, a six-cell battery, and Intel Atom N270 single core processor. It is easy to be just take it with you wherever you need to go without losing any of its optimal capabilities.

Toshiba has come on the market later than other companies. Their best selling netbook features are very similar to the Lenovo brand netbooks and unique dizajnirani.HP Mini also ranks up there with Toshiba and came to the market a bit later as well. Both brands netbook are extremely durable, lightweight, and can be taken anywhere. They are perfect for business professionals who travel a lot as they are perfect for traveling with.

The above are the Top 5 best selling netbook at the moment. All they have little confidence that the features can be customized to fit your potrebama.Lagani and have a Wi-Fi capabilities make netbooks best selling netbook on the market.

Choosing the Right Laptop for Your Needs

The first thing you should do when buying any laptop is to check the specifications. It should be listed with the item will be, but if they are not, and asks the name of the laptop model number in the search engines like Google or Yahoo and find the manufacturers web site or information page. Depending on what you do with your laptop, you will need to find the right features for you. Below is an overview of what to look for.


the most important part of any computer is the processor, and may be the biggest factor involved when it comes to price. Depending on what you need for a laptop will depend on which processor to choose. Any processor above 1GHz will be enough to get the basics on your computer. This amount of power will allow you to see the media as well as pictures and videos, create documents, or browse. Even the most basic laptops and netbooks, are now more than a 1GHz processor, so if you are looking for no more than the basics then any modern laptop will do. Processors such as Intel Atom and Intel Celeron are some of the cheapest around, so look for these when purchasing a basic laptop. These processors will handle most applications, but performance will vary.

for more power-consuming tasks, such as images mainpulation, watching high definition content and play basic games, mid-range processor above 2GHz is poželjno.Procesor as AMD Athlon or Intel Core 2 Duo will be sufficient for working loads such as these. One thing to keep in mind that a lot of processes like these is that they feature multiple cores. These processes, for example, have 2 cores each;. So if you see a dual-core processor rated at 1.6GHz, for example, it will be the speed of one core

For the most demanding, power-intensive applications, high-end processors such as Intel i7 or AMD Phenom X4 will be able to fly through pretty much all applications. These are among the most expensive chip on the market, so you just get a laptop with one of these if you plan to use only the most demanding applications, such as high-definition 3D gaming, video editing and CAD design. As mid-range processors, and have multiple cores, but usually come with four instead of two. This ensures a seamless task, as well, so if you use lots of programs at once can be transmitted to the processor power evenly.

RAM or Random Access Memory

Simply put, the more memory your laptop has, the greater the number of requests it can handle. This also affects the overall speed of the computer as the processor is only capable of processing what is in memory at any given time. If you have a few windows open, such as the Internet browser and media player, any more than 1GB memory enough. If you plan to use a lot applcations at once, consider 2GB modules. If you want to multitask demanding applications available, consider a 4GB memory.

graphics card

Type of graphics card you need depends on whether or not they will be performing graphics-intensive tasks, or for basic use. Most laptops come with integrated graphics chips on board, such as Intel GMA 4500, which means the graphics chip is built onto the motherboard and uses a computer memory RAM to function. It also means that memory is diverted from other applications, but it is not noticeable when doing simple tasks. If you want to use my laptop for gaming or high-def content look for a laptop with a separate (discrete) grafika.Posvećen graphics card such as ATI Radeon or NVidia GeForce, has its own memory so they will not eat into your RAM. As with RAM, the more memory the graphics card has more calculations to be able to accomplish.


Be sure to check for any additional features you May have to use, as well as all laptops have their own configuration. As a standard, modern laptops come with built-in wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) so that you can use it anywhere in your home at our hotspots. However, be sure to check out. Also, if you want to burn a DVD or Blu-ray discs, see the specifications. Most of them are easy to replace and can be done in unit volume, so if you want to upgrade in the future as possible.

Do not forget ...

The Internet is home to thousands of online laptop sellers. Use search engines to check the cheapest prices of laptop you're after. Make sure you buy somewhere safe, preferably with an online merchant, like PayPal, which provides protection for the buyer. eBay can be a treasure trove of bargains, so May be worth checking on this too to see if your laptop is specifically for sale.

Great Plains DOS Exporting Data via ODBC connection or Pervasive SQL Control Center

Some of the smaller and mid-market ERP customers are still implementing Great Plains Accounting version 9.5, and 9.2 for DOS, Windows or Macintosh. There are many plants frozen GPA data query only, it is also useful if you can look forward to future revisions. From time to time we hear the GPA requirements for opening a database for the ODBC connection, usually when IT developer's project to create several reports from the old accounting data. Of course, the internet is a place where you are looking for free advice or instruction. We will try to give you both:

1 DDF files. Btrieve tables opened via the so-called data definition files (DDF). If you still have your old GPA installation media, floppy disks, please read Btrieve manuals, available on the documentation folder on your Great Plains Accounting CD. There should not be able to find instructions to create DDF files for your version of accounting software. There is, of course, some embarrassment, as you'll need to mount your floppy drive and run DDF generation from one of the install disks

2 Pervasive SQL 2000 Server and client installation. We did not test the GP for DOS on a 64 bit platform, we know that it is compatible with 32-bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 We also tested the ODBC connection to an older version of Pervasive SQL 2000 on 32 bit operating system. Most computers sold in the warehouse are on 64 bit Windows 7 We recommend you to be something really small, the Intel Atom Netbook with Windows XP 32-bit, for example, for the job. Go ahead and install Pervasive SQL 2000 servers and workstations (Pervasive Control Center with the SQL query tool). Then, make sure you copy the DDF files in the folder GPData (or if you have multiple companies, at the root of the target company). Open the Pervasive Control Center and create a new database with your GPA company name and specify a folder, when it switched to create ODBC DDF, DDF files check box. If you have everything right, the new DB will be created and you are now able to see your tables listed in the right part of the

3 ODBC connection to Crystal Reports, MS Access, Excel. Please keep in mind that there are older modules GPA, where the introduction of a Btrieve file on the table (GL, accounts receivable, accounts payable), a newer mode, where several tables can be hosted in a Btrieve file (order entry module, for example ). One table-Btrieve file is opened for that is connected via ODBC, including Crystal, MS Access. For Multitab hosting files there is a chance that the ODBC driver will give you an error message related to, and you have to do the job directly to Pervasive SQL Control Center queries the screen. This technology is next. Try to first export a table to text file and import into Excel, or Access, but chances are high that you will get the column moving mess. If this approach fails, try to create a SQL query, where the selection of only the necessary columns (please note that the date columns to be drunk in your living room, especially when you see an error message in the ODBC connection "Invalid date"). Through Pervasive SQL Control Center goal is to export the table to a text file (with a good column only), and then import this text in MS SQL, Access, MySQL, Oracle or another database platform for reporting purposes

Samsung Laptops - A Perfect Combination of Style and Performance

the demand for laptops in India has increased both for personal and business potrebe.Zgodan handling and portability associated with portable computers that are hot buys. Although laptop prices may be a little more in line with the design and features are ease of use of a laptop which makes it very popular. Laptop sales in the world, including India, is breaking all records and convincing manufacturers innovate new designs and cheaper varijante.Laptop offers for the promotion of the different brands to entice people to buy them.

Among the best notebooks name Samsung definitely find a place. Samsung laptops are designed to fit the needs of a specific way of life with its everyday performance, business, or P, R and N or netbook series. They are strong, trendy and reliable as far as performance is pitanju.Svakodnevnom series of affordable and versatile notebook that can perform everyday functions with ease. Modern models include advanced communication technologies such as Wi-Fi for high-speed Internet access, Genuine Windows, HD LED display and a durable casing to make the content safe and avoid risk of scratching.

Performance Series is true to its ime.Laptop are designed with state-of-the-art Intel Core processor, NVIDIA Optimus graphics cards and high-resolution, wide-screen, anti-reflective screen with LED backlight for high quality images. Other features such as Quick Launch feature, faster connectivity, lightweight and long battery life make the laptop easy to use and go on longer vrijeme.Poslovne or P-series models are reliable and suitable for a career in pokretu.Trajnost and robust performance associated with these laptops would surely professionals drugima.Serija advantage of a cheap laptop that would be a decent pick.

R series laptops in all ranges starting from as low as Rs. 19,000 / -. This range of Samsung notebooks powered by Intel Core processors for unparalleled učinkovitost.High-end design, fashionable and durable laptop cases are the perfect combination of style and performansi.17-key numeric keypad, 16:09 HD LED display and Wi-Fi are the other specifications series.

netbooks are the epitome of style and power supply to 13.5 hours of battery life. Bluetooth, and 3G high-speed wireless modem provides fast Internet access and unlimited data or photographs. So, keep in touch as much as you want without worrying about the laptop is ugasi.N Series models are powered by Intel Atom procesore.Energetski efficient LED display further enhances the device performance.

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

The Acer Aspire One Netbook - Why is it So Popular?

It was early 2009 and Acer Aspire One netbook has been and still is a popular seller. With its small form factor, and the powerful interior, it is not surprising that popular as it is.

It is equipped with the new Intel Atom procesor.Intel Atom is designed specifically to meet the needs of netbooks and their users. It provides the necessary energy, but only requires the least energy to work. It uses the new hafnium-infused circuitry design.

The size of the new Atom chip is amazing at only 22mm or 0.87 inches. It only needs 2.5 W to power itself. On Acer Aspire One netbook, the battery life is rated for 5.5 hours included 6 cell battery. You get enough time to compute on the go and away from the socket.

It runs Windows XP operating system, so that your application will be available. And with integrated web camera, you can video chat to hot very easily. With 160 GB of hard drive space, you have to bring everything you need documents such as photos and movies and music.

in the looks department, it looks good. You get a choice between white, black, and blue sapphires. All three look great and very professional. Since they are so small netbook, the Acer Aspire One netbook has an integrated optical drive, but you can easily connect external drives via USB ports that are available.

This will read a Secure Digital card and MultiMedia card. You can use this to transfer data between your computer and the main netbook.SFF makes ultra-portable netbooks. So, this netbook is a great, if you are a student and want to deal with a very lightweight netbook in the class to take notes or be lazy.

for business road warriors, netbooks may become your preferred choice of computer to bring the business putovanja.SFF, extremely lightweight, comfortable and professional aesthetics all look to add to its appeal.

You do have to get used to the size of the screen. You do not have much screen real estate as a standard notebook. But size is suitable for work on the move. Come to think of it, amazing netbook will fit on one shelf to pull down the aircraft. You have limited space on the tray and a netbook with its small size makes it a better choice.

Senin, 20 Juni 2011

UMPC's - The Future of Mobile Technology?

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UMPC, a new wave.

Laptops are everywhere. They have replaced many computers in the house because of its ease of use, mobility and performance. No longer are limited to a table in a corner from which to browse the web. Add in a decent wireless connection, and you can even spend time in the garden enjoying the nice weather while you are writing articles for their favorite imenik.Jedini problem with the laptop's size. Yes, they are portable, but you still need to sit down with a decent amount of space in which to work. Imagine leaving everything behind. Being able to carry your laptop in your pocket sounds ideal. True, many mobile devices offer a browsing and text capabilities, but they are not sufficient for mobile workers, and even users who need that little extra.

PDA has done a relatively good job of bridging the divide between mobile phones and laptops, but not quite hit the mark required by many consumers. The battery life and processing power are another factor that prevented the adoption of the PDA as a productivity device.

With the advent of low-heat, low power consumption CPU and opened the way for a new generation of mobile devices. However, Intel is new and not widely adopted yet, but products such as Intel A110 are adequately supply XP based devices for quite some time. There are various terms used to describe this new generation of mobile technology: Ultra Low Cost PC (ULCPC), Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) and Mobile Internet Device (MID). For this article I will put on a UMPC.

There is debate among analysts exactly a successful UMPC market will be. Personally, I think it would be great. Home users can buy wholesale in this market, but companies will be. Reducing the size of the hardware, while maintaining full productivity suite is a compelling sales pitch for each company. Many hardware to recognize the potential value of this market such as Samsung, HTC, Asus and Acer releasing the hardware on the market. Oh, do not forget Apple. Did you really think that the iPhone is simply a 'must have' mobile phone? No, Apple knows how to market funkcionira.Puštanje iPhone API and integration into corporate networks shows that Apple decided to make a large chunk of mobile workers in the market.

only aspect that slows the adoption of UMPC as a true business device's processing power. As shown earlier, Intel A110 has been widely adopted for devices such as Windows XP.Pojavom Windows Vista has shown that the new generation of processors will be required to give the device a punch they need. Yes, Linux is alive and well on the UMPC market. The adoption of this operating system will grow more and more companies integrate open source products in their infrastructure. For now I'll just say that Linux is happy to work on older hardware.

Intel Atom CPU solves the problem. Dual-core processing power crammed into the device the size of a penny, while reducing power requirements and heat - problem solved. But still, many do not include hardware announced Atom future products - that will promijeniti.UMPC future is looking good.

Netbook Processors

the heart of any computer system is a chip known as the CPU - central processing unit - which is the engine that runs the entire computer. Most laptops for sale at this time equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These are the same processors used in desktop computers lager, as well, which means that it is good (ie not too cheap) laptop can handle the same challenging tasks as well as any desktop machine. However, processor-powered netbooks, which are much less powerful.

the heart of any computer system is a chip known as the CPU - central processing unit - which is the engine that runs the entire computer. Most laptops for sale at this time equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These are the same processors used in desktop computers lager, as well, which means that it is good (ie not too cheap) laptop can handle the same challenging tasks as well as any desktop machine. However, processor-powered netbooks, which are much less powerful.


Most netbooks currently use a completely different type of processor, also designed by Intel and the somewhat appropriately known as Atom. "Measuring only 2.2cm square, Atom is one of the smallest processors that Intel has ever produced and was designed specifically for use in compact portable devices such as netbooks. In addition to being extremely small, Atom is designed to require less energy than conventional processors, and also to give less heat too. This means that a netbook can give good battery life with a relatively compact and lightweight batteries, rather heavy and bulky batteries used in most laptops.


and, of course, Intel and its rivals are constantly developing newer and more powerful processors of all time. Already looking forward to see the latest version of the Atom, who will be called Atom 330th This is a "dual-core" chip, which effectively screws two processors together to improve performance. Even so, as early reports indicate that the Atom 330 is a lot faster than the previous Atom chips, it's still a lot less powerful than the Core 2 Duo processors that are used in conventional laptops. This emphasizes the point that the netbook is primarily a mobile communications device than the general-purpose computer.

What Are the Greatest Characteristics of Acer Notebooks?


When it comes to buying the best PC laptop, there are several key factors to consider. Although you may be excited by a wide range of offerings available in the market, it is best to be patient. Take into account the mobility of your new laptop, battery life, screen size and cost of spare parts. More and more people opt for Acer notebooks. Therefore, we reviewed some of the best deals by Acer.


Acer Aspire - 10-8414 notebook is lightweight and has a full-size keyboard. It is available in three colors-blue sapphire, black diamond and ruby ​​red boje.Najbolji part is that this notebook helps you save up to 40 percent more power than typical laptops. Some key features include Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5th 0, 2 GB standard memory, 4 GB maximum memory, 250 GB disk storage and a wear warranty.


Acer Aspire One AOA110-1295 laptop has a 1024x600 widescreen, 512MB RAM, 8GB SSD storage drive, and 802.11g / b wireless card. There are three USB ports total - two on the right side, one on the left. This notebook is highly portable and has a solid result. Acer offers a basic one-year warranty, which can be extended to two years for an additional cost.

Acer Aspire One netbook 150-1126 Blue is perfect for business professionals, it offers wireless connectivity, built-in webcam in and access internetu.Aspire One is available in sapphire blue and seashell White, both of which are attractive. Some of its main features include LED backlit, glossy display, 6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 0.3MP Acer Crystal Eye webcam, integrated WiFi 802.11b / g, 10/100 Ethernet.

Acer Aspire One Mini A150-1006 laptop features a rich, portable and functional. It even has built-in webcam. It has all the features you need from the USB port on the VGA, plenty of RAM for everyday use, 6 cell battery included, 2 slots for expansion, and a 120GB hard disk. This is an exceptional ergonomics for such a small device that fast enough for light work and web browsing. The keyboard is also very good, even considering the small size.

As you can see, Acer notebooks come with a wide range of features and sophistication. Most of them are available for a low price. Just give it a try!

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Netbook Processors

the heart of any computer system is a chip known as the CPU - central processing unit - which is the engine that runs the entire computer. Most laptops for sale at this time equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These are the same processors used in desktop computers lager, as well, which means that it is good (ie not too cheap) laptop can handle the same challenging tasks as well as any desktop machine. However, processor-powered netbooks, which are much less powerful.

the heart of any computer system is a chip known as the CPU - central processing unit - which is the engine that runs the entire computer. Most laptops for sale at this time equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These are the same processors used in desktop computers lager, as well, which means that it is good (ie not too cheap) laptop can handle the same challenging tasks as well as any desktop machine. However, processor-powered netbooks, which are much less powerful.


, however, the Atom is much less potent than its bigger brothers in the Core 2 Duo range There are several different versions of the Atom, but the most commonly used model at this point is called the Atom N270. This processor operates at 1.6GHz, which sounds pretty impressive, but the netbook is equipped with a 1.6 GHz Atom is nowhere near as fast or as powerful as a real laptop computer equipped with a Core 2 Duo processor running at the same speed. Even so, most netbooks are still perfectly suitable for web browsing, and even doing a bit of office work with Microsoft Word or Excel, as long as you do not mind peering at documents on such a small screen.

and, of course, Intel and its rivals are constantly developing newer and more powerful processors of all time. Already looking forward to see the latest version of the Atom, who will be called Atom 330th This is a "dual-core" chip, which effectively screws two processors together to improve performance. Even so, as early reports indicate that the Atom 330 is a lot faster than the previous Atom chips, it's still a lot less powerful than the Core 2 Duo processors that are used in conventional laptops. This emphasizes the point that the netbook is primarily a mobile communications device than the general-purpose computer.

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Best Mini Laptop Computers Reviewed

Many portable computers or networks of the book are quickly gaining popularity due to their minute size, without sacrificing strength. Most manufacturers now carry them in all different colors, sizes, glasses, etc.

If you're shopping for one of these machines, you should carefully consider many things like, your price range, you need compared to what you want, the environment will primarily use the computer, the screen size, battery life , reliable, and more.

It is my goal to help you in your decision to review some of the most popular models below. But be sure to do your homework speaking with local experts in a computer store or even looking for reviews on a particular model is narrowed as a top choice.

One of the most popular mini laptop manufacturer is Samsung. Their NC20 has a 1.3 GHz processor and a sleek 12-inch, 1280x800 screen resolution. It supports full-size keyboard, unlike some other netbooks that have keyboards that are reduced in size, and as such, difficult to use with individuals who have higher ruke.NC20 is one of the first support for the VIA Nano processor, which is comparable to Intel Atom that is so popular among these machines.

Another consideration is the Lenovo IdeaPad S12, which is 12 80 x 800 resolutions like my Samsung. This model also has full-size keyboard. As for battery life six-cell battery that powers up to five hours. One of the major PC publication "PC Magazine" rated one of the best IdeaPad netbooks available.

If you're tired of looking than the plain black or beige net book considers Acer AOD750. It is offered up to four colors, depending on what suits your taste većine.Razlučivost screen is 1366 x 768, making it an excellent choice for watching high-definition movies. This machine is also a full-size keyboard. Another bonus is the LED backlight, which saves energy and conserve battery life. You will not suffer any result due to the 1.33 GHz Atom processor from Intel. Although not quite as performance driven some other processor featured in many notebooks, Atom is a very respectable and a good choice.

, however, still must decide in advance what your needs and determine the most appropriate choice. In the coming years, expect to see a mini laptop computer far exceeds today's most successful in almost all categories, but no doubt over the election to make sure your portable laptop computer needs.

Sony Announced X Series


Sony teased the Vaio X at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin, which essentially functions as the European version of CES. With no spec sheet or press release to be discovered, all we know are the bare essentials from Sony’s press conference. Now, fast forward to just a few months later, and Sony has unveiled its newest netbook, the VAIO X. This time, the X looks set to razzle and dazzle with its super slim form factor, lightweight style and really pricey cost. Of course, the magnesium alloy chassis and carbon fiber frame of the notebook doesn't come cheap by any standards, but it does give it a feel that's just excellent for the enterprise users that this netbook is targeted at. How perfect you ask? We'll uncover out alot more over the next couple of pages but let's begin with our usual exterior photos and table of specifications initial.

So how was Sony able to achieve such a thin and light netbook? The VAIO X’s chassis is created of a magnesium alloy, and the lid is built from carbon fiber. This material makes it possible for the screen to flex, which can be a bit unnerving, but Sony said that it’s developed to bend somewhat. Also, by using an Intel Atom Z-series processor, which utilizes much less power (and creates much less heat) than the N-series Atom chips in most netbooks, the business was able to make the netbook incredibly slim with out requiring a fan. The lid of our evaluation unit was matte black, as was the inside, with a bronze underside that felt slightly rough to the touch. Sony also provides the netbook with a Champagne Gold lid, but only for the model with a 128GB SSD (more on that later).

There are some inevitable niggles we need to have to address. The very first is the cramped keyboard. Sony does its greatest, with the isolated keys giving higher margins for error when typing, but the tiny correct Shift key takes a lot of finding employed to, as do all the keys in the bottom-perfect region: the full stop and cursor keys are a particular challenge. We by no means looked forward to utilizing this keyboard. The tiny touchpad is also an concern. It appears odd to contain such a tiny touchpad when there's plentiful space below the keyboard, particularly since Sony has included a scrolling region at the bottom and far proper of it. At least it is responsive when you touch it in the correct location, and coupled with the relatively little screen we found it usable when travelling.

Running on an Intel Atom Z550 (2.0GHz) processor, sporting 2GB DDR2 RAM, a Samsung 128GB SSD, and integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics, the VAIO X was slightly sluggish in our genuine world handling. Of course, every little thing turned out better when Aero was turned off, but this felt strange, seeing as how our previous encounter with typical netbooks with Aero turned on in Windows 7 RC was lag cost-free. Strangely, this isn't reflected in our efficiency benchmarking tests in the Windows 7 operating system as the scores do indicate a fairly quicker efficiency compared to your average netbook. Maybe this could be some thing related to the slower FSB between the processor and the chipset. Note that we would have loved to test the VAIO X employing PCMark Vantage, but regrettably, we had been unable to get it running.
Packing a specially created 4-cell battery, the Intel Atom powered notebook ought to do fine in our battery test, and given its lightweight form factor, it should score pretty high in our Portability Index test. The battery essentially locations the two battery cells at the side whilst the middle has a depression to accommodate the trackpad on the chassis. It is an innovative design for sure instead of locating a spot to squeeze a battery into the chassis, Sony fits the battery around the VAIO X's design.

Sony’s VAIO X is so light and stylish, this product is practically in a class by itself. It sets a new normal for portability. Furthermore, the built-in 3G and GPS ensures that users will be connected wherever they go. Still, for an 11-inch program, we were disappointed in this machine’s small keyboard and touchpad. If you have the cash, the VAIO X’s industrial design will certainly turn heads, but you will sacrifice ergonomic comfort.

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HP Mini 2140 Review – an Ultimate Netbook with High Features

Netbook is talk of town today for its ultra portability and still have good performance of the function. Its market is booming like anything. One of the best brands of laptop and desktop categories, HP is trying real hard to make its mark in the netbook category and wants to be number one in the low cost of carrying services. Recently, HP unveiled its latest netbook from HP Mini 2140 . Before we go into the details of this netbook I would like to inform you that if you want to buy this, buy it from its original shopping site and get a good discount only help.

24xjot1.jpg This latest offering from HP has been developed to meet the demands always-on-go users who are looking for a laptop that is portable, and efficient enough to do their job of computer-oriented easy. This new version is almost the same as the HP Mini 2133 in the construction and appearance. This netbook is built on a magnesium alloy which gives a solid base of the chassis. This means that he has a weak plastic things in any part of this netbook.

After the netbook is small in size, it is necessary to provide some additional strong built, because they are more likely to get physical damage. This happens because the special is used to carry it around one place to another in their daily travel schedules. Because of their solid and strong built a welcomed thing. So if you want to get involved in your gadget, then you can buy from at very reasonable prices with the help of HP Coupon .

HP Mini 2140 has better features as the greatest keyboard. This is the new improvements in low-cost netbook range. Apart from this his keys are protected with a unique HP DuraKeys. This is a transparent coating that is designed to protect the printed letters and characters on the keys. As a result, the keyboard will look like new even after years of heavy typing and years.

Here are the specifications of their hardware

    Intel Atom N270 processor (1.60 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB)

    Mobile Intel ® 945GSE Express motherboard

    of 1 GB DDR2 800 MHz SDRAM up to 2GB expendable

    160GB hard drive and 80 GB Solid State Drive

    10.1-inch display with HP Illumi-Lite LED SD

    Built-in VGA camera

    2 USB (2.0) port with a mic in and one headphone / O

    1 Express Card/54

    High Definition audio with stereo speakers

    Integrated Marvell Ethernet Controller (10/100/1000)

    Wireless Broadcom 802.11a/b/g, Broadcom 802.11b / g, HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology

    3-cell (28 WHr) high capacity lithium-ion batteries

These are the technical aspects of this netbook. Generally, all the netbook are the same type, but this new HP Mini 2140 netbook is trying to make a difference in the series netbook with good screen resolution. So if you're looking for something else, then it is a netbook worth making a choice.

Asus Laptop Accessories - In the World of Advanced Version Laptops

Today, the market is full of different kinds of laptops, which offer many attractions. So, most customers are always looking for reliable online sources that provide detailed information about every model laptop or notebook. As in Asus notebooks, you'll get a lot of functionality at an affordable rate. Before you pay for any model, try to get all the important details from all possible sources. Each piece has the best quality and helps to improve the performance of this laptop.

The only problem of this model is its small keyboard. Otherwise, it comes with an impressive media control, the main port connection, a power function, etc. Since the launch of this model on the market, it is always in high demand. This laptop has a giant big screen play, 17-inch Full HD all black with a well-equipped with 8GB of RAM, dual 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, Core i7 processor, blue-ray combo drive and 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics, and so on. The Asus notebooks, you'll get the high storage and more storage space. The range of this laptop offers high performance and a flash of light, the Asus gaming system, lusterless black system is available with the keyboard deck and the rubberized texture. The size of this laptop is huge and has great battery life.

On the other hand, the HP Mini 5102 is also popular among gadget buyers. It comes with a strong build quality and all the latest Intel Atom processor. This device has a small touch pad, lusterless keyboard tray and a black brushed metal poklopac.Popis of its features include a password system, including password security lock slot, LED backlit, HP Disk Sanitizer, and so on. Model this notebook offers an SD Memory Card and Multi Media card. Built-in devices such as stereo speakers and wireless LAN antenna is added to this device. This stylish HP Mini 5102 still assure high energy efficiency.

HP Mini 311 netbook is another example of the latest technology. This reasonably priced HP model provides a clear and high-resolution screen and turn Lon Nvidia graphics with basic functions, as well as HD video system and flash video system. A number of features included in this model as well as HD displays, Bluetooth, an overview of the system, low voltage CPU, etc. This is the standard size with optional white cover design and consists of gray plastic lusterless delicate whir sample. All keys on the keyboard have a wide face with a completely baked form. This device is mainly used for personal and office tasks like web surfing, e-mail, etc.

If you will maintain the HP Mini 311 netbook in good condition, then every time it will surely give you the best performanse.Glavna advantage of this battery is a six-cell battery systems. Because of its superior graphics functionality, customers are interested in paying for this model. They also like his big-screen high-definition and advanced netbook. All of its features help to improve the performance of this notebook. There are numerous online retailers that offer many useful leads for customers.