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Atom N270 Or N280 - Does it Even Matter?

When trying to choose a netbook with a few dozen different models on the shelves of any computer store will sooner or later run on a processor problem. There are about four or five different processors used extensively by the manufacturer, this article aims to help you decide between the two commonly seen variations, Atom N270 and N280.

single-core Atom processors are not made to win overclocking competition and achieve high performance on the charts, but the differences are so that you can not just walk into a store and point at random netbook if you want to make sure you get one that will fetch your e-mails and launch your browser for a long time.

There are a number of processors used in small laptops, but two popular variations give some headaches to people who are not that computer savvy, N270 and N280. Let's look at the facts and the differences!

Both processors come with a single physical core and Hyperthreading to best take advantage of the single core. This technology enables the Intel processor switch between tasks quickly to tubes filled with data and instructions of all time. It helps a lot with multi-tasking, and that where they are needed the biggest boost, a nice move from Intel. Both processors use the same computational core (Bonnell), with 47 million transistors and the same packaging.

512KB L2 cache memory helps feed FPUs with fresh data. N270 runs at 1.60GHz, 12x133MHz and N280 had resulted in 10x166MHz 1.66GHz.Veća value FSB helps memory operations on paper, but in reality it does not boost the effectiveness of all puno.Razlika the clock speed is less than five percent, if nothing , to give some boost, but nothing you'll notice. Even the most sensitive benchmark programs to observe the difficulties when trying to measure the performance difference.

If you find a netbook, which has better features, but the N270 N280 netbook, I strongly suggest you buy one with a slower processor, because the difference will not be pokazati.Isto goes for N450 by the way, it's the same speed as the N280 but with integrated graphics core and memory controller to push consumption down by 40% thorough the whole system.

Atom N270 and N280 manages to remain on the market, but the difference between them is smaller than the error margin is a measure of the software so if you want to choose a netbook should do so using different measures in order to decide between two similar models. The quality of the keyboard, battery life, screen surface, and visibility are all important factors.

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