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Best Selling NetBooks

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In 2007, HP introduced the netbook in consumers' market, although they lacked the quality of performance and exceptional features that their notebook counterparts possessed. They also cost much less than their competitors. Today, netbooks are smaller and contain more computer technology giving them the advantage over laptops.

Handheld PC `s predecessor, the netbooks. These types of computers have the same features that one would see in laptops such as larger hard drives and ergonomically friendly keyboards that make for comfortable use. They were first introduced to the public in the 1990 `s, although they lack many of the standard features of today's netbooks, such as Bluetooth capabilities and Wi-Fi capabilities and were less popular with the public.

The first netbook models, HP has introduced in 2007, had great features, like a small 7-inch screen, smaller keyboard and hard disk drives. All ran on its own modified Linux operating system has been designed specifically for video games, multimedia, or business purposes.

Netbooks are readily available throughout the market with advancements coming in the near future. There is great growth potential in improving the netbooks that are faster and better than any other computer out there. With plenty of netbook market services, it becomes almost impossible to find a netbook that best suits your needs. What makes it even harder is that the same hardware module installed in almost all netbooks.

Asus was the first and now the best selling netbook on the market. Their flagship model, the Asus 1005H, works as a 'super computer'. This is a 160 GB hard drive, 10.1 inch screen, Intel Atom Processor, Bluetooth capabilities, and Wi-Fi connection. The size of the keyboard is about 90 percent of the regular keyboard.

The second best selling netbook Acer Aspire I. This computer is very compact, and the price is relatively low compared with other netbooks. This provides the best value for the price and received intensive support for the computer market. Some of the features of this netbook include 10.1-inch screen, Windows 7 Starter, 1 GB RAM, Intel Atom N450 processor, six cell battery and 160 GB hard drive.

The third best selling netbook Lenovo Idea Pad S12. This computer has a 12-inch screen, weighs about 3 1 / 2 kg, Windows XP, full-size keyboard, a six-cell battery, and Intel Atom N270 single core processor. It is easy to be just take it with you wherever you need to go without losing any of its optimal capabilities.

Toshiba has come on the market later than other companies. Their best selling netbook features are very similar to the Lenovo brand netbooks and unique dizajnirani.HP Mini also ranks up there with Toshiba and came to the market a bit later as well. Both brands netbook are extremely durable, lightweight, and can be taken anywhere. They are perfect for business professionals who travel a lot as they are perfect for traveling with.

The above are the Top 5 best selling netbook at the moment. All they have little confidence that the features can be customized to fit your potrebama.Lagani and have a Wi-Fi capabilities make netbooks best selling netbook on the market.

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