Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Why I Bought My HP Mini 2140

I just bought my new HP Mini 2140, and I'm obsessed with it. Now I have never been more excited about surfing the net from my bed, kitchen, bathroom, and of course WiFi cafe. It's got to P23, 995 (around $ 430) from Villman Computers in Robinson's Pioneer.

For me it will always be HP HP in terms of reliability and was the hands down choice in relation to the Asus Eee PC and Acer Aspire netbook

Mini 2140 specifications are as follows:

10.1 TFT screen


92% of the full keyboard (which has the largest netbook keyboard for my big fingers)

Shock Protection, anti-spill keyboard

of 2 GB of memory after upgrade from 1GB P1, 000 ($ 20)


3 mg cell battery provides about 3 hours of surfing time

Windows XP

Intel Core Duo

What's in my Mini 2140? Google Chrome!

I am now an official fan of Google Chrome. In fact, even I'm typing this blog entry through Chrome. :) Why this is perfect for my HP Mini 2041

1) No Menu Toolbar! It gives more space for viewing!

2) Speed​​! Faster than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

3) It has safety features and the features of Firefox tab. :)

What more can you ask for? Google Chrome and my HP Mini are now best friends.

Download Now! Go to

What are the important installations in my Mini 2140?

I've been using my netbook for about a week. So far so good! It really is worth it! I already took a lot of games emulators, published lots of pictures, countless hours of surfing, and download the album!

Here are my Top 5 recommended installing the Mini 2140:

) - works faster with fewer resources? Played pretty much any video and music available.

b) Google Chrome - gives you more screen space for browsing. See more details in my previous post! :)

c) Fox is a reader - uses less resources than Adobe PDF

d) Open Office instead of MS Office - definitely more convenient and faster

e) Meebo - All in one IM software. Compatible with most IM software.

to compare and see all your options.

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