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Netbook - Mini Notebook Computers - What Features Do They Come With?

no longer have to lug around a laptop with a 15 inch monitor to work or surf the Internet. This is because the number of companies now produce some very high end PC mini laptop instead. These are called netbooks by many. Although much smaller and harder to be a lot less, they come with a lot of the same features and capabilities as a standard-size laptop.

So what can you expect to get if you consider purchasing one of the many major netbook computers that are now available? Below we look at the types of features that these computers come with today.

features 1 - The screen size depends on various makes and models available, but are generally between 8 and 10 inches in size. However, when it comes to the screen of the revolution, it still varies from model to model. However, in most cases, you will find that this is a good 1024 x 600, which produces very high quality picture, especially if you are watching online video on your own.

features 2 - As most people will use your netbook to surf the web, connecting the most important. In most cases today, along with having at least 3 USB ports that can connect a variety of hardware, including keyboard, if you want, they also have an Ethernet connection. Plus each one will have the latest wireless technology installed as long as you have Wi-Fi zones to access the internet will not be a problem.

Plus, if you're willing to spend a little extra on your computer, then allow some ability to connect an external display device to them, such as DVI / S-video support. You can also have a machine that allows the optical drives to be connected to yours.

Feature 3 -. Processors installed in these machines are designed to not use too much energy and in most cases they will either have C7D VIA, and AMD, or the popular Intel Atom processor installed

features 4 - When it comes to hard disk on a netbook, yet the size will vary from model to model. However, in most cases, they are between 512MB and 2GB. But it depends on the type of storage system installed. Some are simple hard disk while other more expensive models have a solid state disk (SSD) instaliran.Razlog that some models are going for the SSD is that you not only work at much higher speeds and take up less space in the machine, but also use less energy from traditional types of hard drives.

Feature 5 - When it comes to operating system again, what make and model machine you buy will determine that. In most cases today, they will either use Windows XP or Linux. However, some will have Windows Vista installed. This is generally to be found in high end netbook, which are equipped with powerful processors, because the operating system needs more power to operate.

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