Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Netbooks - Three Reasons to Think Before You Buy

S netbook's small size, light weight, and the Wi-Fi support and a sleek miniature computers provide maximum portability. It is not surprising that they are becoming the rage in the growing market for mobile computing proizvoda.Vrhunac the PDA showed consumers that mobility is handy, so spawning Blackberry and touch screen phones. But no matter how many applications or features you put on the iPhone or Blackberry, they will not match the usability of netbooks, which are just inches away from matching the size of today's popular PDAs. But it is a bit too small? I present to you three aspects netbook that might make you think before you buy.

# 1 Size Matters - Let's face it, when it comes to the new laptop is less attractive. It was not so long ago that the larger screen you get better, but it is difficult to practically drag around heavy 15-inch widescreen display in the cafe and it can make you look like a jerk on avion.Prosječna netbook weighs between 3-4 pounds, usually with 10 -inch screen, which fits comfortably in a small cafe table. Although a smaller laptop can mean less hardware, but the CD / DVD discs from the setup. So, if you intend to watch movies on your netbook, you'll need to download them or rip them from existing DVD, getting a lot of time and subtracting a lot of comfort. Do not forget that if you buy a netbook, be sure it is loaded with Windows 7, or you have a headache trying to upgrade to XP without a disk.

# 2 Limited Updates - Netbooks are a lot older than most people know. Prior to netbooks has become popular for mobile web surfing, they are used and are still, as terminals for large and powerful network server computers, netbooks are not made by a lot of processing power and RAM memory. Even with the latest netbooks on the market, you will not find many with more than one slot for RAM and the normal max 2GB. Windows 7 uses only 1 GB of RAM, and even further, you will be restricted from running both programs smoothly. This is not necessarily a bad thing if all you plan to do is surf the web and blogging, but as a web inevitable add-on more opportunities, and programs are becoming larger and more resource dependent, at the end of your new netbook is becoming less useful.

# 3 Performance vs. Battery Life - the possibility that I really love about the new netbook has a long battery life baterije.Najduži netbook I've seen until now boasts 9 hours, the Toshiba mini NB205.Toshiba mini comes with Intel's smallest processor, the N280 Atom, which averages 1.6GHz, but you're likely to sacrifice speed to take advantage of such a maximum battery life of its netbook, to 1.2 GHz (just a hair above 1 GHz to 7 requires Windows). Asus makes laptops are called EEE PC that allows you to bump the Atom processor speed to 2GHz with a click of a button, but will reduce the length of the battery.

Do not get me wrong, I love the concept of netbook and I hope to see improvements in the near future, but I really get what you pay for. If all you want to do is send and receive e-mails, write blog, and check your Facebook, netbook is much more capable device than the iPhone or BlackBerry to now (with Google Voice you can even use your laptop as a phone for free) . If you need a laptop that can do more than just surf the web, I recommend spending the extra couple hundred dollars on a laptop that will last you longer and offer more options.

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