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HP MINI 311: Inexpensive Notebook Computer

If you're in the market for the purchase of any notebook from Hold on! First, read my story and then decide what to buy. I'm here to tell you something important about the new inexpensive laptop HP Mini 311.HP Mini 311 seems obvious evolution of the HP Mini dizajn.Proizvod which is very small in view, but capable of doing great things. HP has always been a good name in innovation and new design features.

New HP Mini 311 offers the following system specifications:

 • Genuine Windows Vista (32-bit)
 • Intel Atom N270 processor 1.60GHz (533MHz FSB)
 • 160GB SATA HDD 5400 rpm
 • 11.6-inch WSVGA + (1366x768)
 • Nvidia Ion LE
 • 802.11a/b/g
 • 4-in-1 media slot

HP Mini 311 # 1

Construction and dizajn.HP Mini 311 units made ​​up of plastic. This is a super combination of glossy black plastic, shiny silver and matte black plastic plastike.Preklopni, such as design gives the Mini 311 is very clean look and "Black Swirl" Imprint finish has a nice design spiral pattern that looks like either a bunch of red / blue galaxies bumping in another, or a bed of black roses.

There is nothing much changes in this new laptop if you compare with the beginning of the ministry. You can find mostly the same with the others, but if you go into the laptop you'll find that the keyboard is much better than starija.Više gesture keyboard is supposed to operate smoothly and quietly. The keyboard is just a feather touch. Highly sensitive keyboard allows you to type quickly and easily.

HP Mini 311 # 2

The technical work. After discussing the construction and design, we now need to take care of the technical installations of the HP Mini 311th Powered with an Intel Atom N270 processor to your high-speed operation and transfer podataka.160GB 5400 rpm SATA HDD helps you retrieve information quickly without taking time mush. 6-cell lithium-polymer battery provides your batteries upto 6.25hrs. You can easily work in your carrying on the move.

HP Mini 311 # 3

Networking and collaboration. Now we should get the most important feature of a laptop that is Wi-Fi connectivity. This laptop provides up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range using 802.11n-compatible routers, as they would with 802.11g networks.

HP Mini 311 # 4

Thin and light weighted. This is one of the most small size and light weighted mobile computer in the category of cheap computers. You can take it with you wherever you want without any tension and hassle free. It may be in the form of a bag in his hand, without acquiring any additional or huge space.

HP Mini 311 # 5

Prikaz.Novi 11.6-inch screen on the Mini 311 is a nicely LED-backlit panel with 1366x768 razlučivost.Sjajna screen surface helps to improve color and contrast with the Ion Nvidia graphics chip. It is very good for making any graphical representation.

Hp laptop computers was always trying to give you more or less. You can buy a HP laptop, because they are affordable, well-done and well-function devices. So for daily tasks like web surfing and document processing, it is expected to perform just as well as many other inexpensive notebook computer that comes with similar specs.
Editor's rating 9 out of 10

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