Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

How to Manage Your Personal Computer

Have you ever been so busy on the internet going from page to page, saving this and to register for this program, which leads to another and so on and so forth?

It gets a bit confusing and too often you lose vital links and bits of information. This article will show you in simple terms, how I organize the files and stuff, even though it May give you some ideas you can use with your current system.

This is exactly what we do, and it is written for those of us who are not super Wizz internet geeks.

Scholar's something in your computer that looks like a manilla envelope. This is often called a folder. You can use these as you would a manilla folder (in real life) because you put so much of "Files" in them, you can also put other "folders / Directories" in them, to make "sub directory" or "subfolder". First, I'll assume you can do the basics, or else we would not be reading this. Thus in "My Documents" click on "Create new folder" and call "Internet Business" this folder is now under the folder "My Documents". SAVE everything to do with your internet business "internet business" to have subfolders of that.

Second, Open the "Internet business" and click on "New Folder" that you just did in "My Documents". Now you will be creating subfolders "Internet business" to go ahead and do as much as you can think of! This will get you started! "Mailing lists", "Loginsfo", "" Affilliate referral URLs "," Press Ex referral URLs "," transparent Affilliate "," Click the banner, "" Draft Articles "," e-mail letter. "

In each of these folders you are going to place a "file", I use the notebook for everything now. When I started to use Excel and Word. But the problem with them using that are too big and too slow, especially when trying to do 10 different things at once. Using "notebook" to save space on your hard drive and a lot more "light" so that is faster and speed is everything! It also gives you some experience that will come in handy later when you start writing "html code". This is probably a good subject for another article.

Finally, now you should have a directory set up with a lot of empty folders and files. Just save everything you come across one of the folders under "Internet business", if necessary, you can create multiple folders under the "internet business" or a subfolder subfolders, etc.

This is an easy way to keep all your important data.

I sincerely wish you luck and happiness


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