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Choosing the Right Laptop for Your Needs

The first thing you should do when buying any laptop is to check the specifications. It should be listed with the item will be, but if they are not, and asks the name of the laptop model number in the search engines like Google or Yahoo and find the manufacturers web site or information page. Depending on what you do with your laptop, you will need to find the right features for you. Below is an overview of what to look for.


the most important part of any computer is the processor, and may be the biggest factor involved when it comes to price. Depending on what you need for a laptop will depend on which processor to choose. Any processor above 1GHz will be enough to get the basics on your computer. This amount of power will allow you to see the media as well as pictures and videos, create documents, or browse. Even the most basic laptops and netbooks, are now more than a 1GHz processor, so if you are looking for no more than the basics then any modern laptop will do. Processors such as Intel Atom and Intel Celeron are some of the cheapest around, so look for these when purchasing a basic laptop. These processors will handle most applications, but performance will vary.

for more power-consuming tasks, such as images mainpulation, watching high definition content and play basic games, mid-range processor above 2GHz is poželjno.Procesor as AMD Athlon or Intel Core 2 Duo will be sufficient for working loads such as these. One thing to keep in mind that a lot of processes like these is that they feature multiple cores. These processes, for example, have 2 cores each;. So if you see a dual-core processor rated at 1.6GHz, for example, it will be the speed of one core

For the most demanding, power-intensive applications, high-end processors such as Intel i7 or AMD Phenom X4 will be able to fly through pretty much all applications. These are among the most expensive chip on the market, so you just get a laptop with one of these if you plan to use only the most demanding applications, such as high-definition 3D gaming, video editing and CAD design. As mid-range processors, and have multiple cores, but usually come with four instead of two. This ensures a seamless task, as well, so if you use lots of programs at once can be transmitted to the processor power evenly.

RAM or Random Access Memory

Simply put, the more memory your laptop has, the greater the number of requests it can handle. This also affects the overall speed of the computer as the processor is only capable of processing what is in memory at any given time. If you have a few windows open, such as the Internet browser and media player, any more than 1GB memory enough. If you plan to use a lot applcations at once, consider 2GB modules. If you want to multitask demanding applications available, consider a 4GB memory.

graphics card

Type of graphics card you need depends on whether or not they will be performing graphics-intensive tasks, or for basic use. Most laptops come with integrated graphics chips on board, such as Intel GMA 4500, which means the graphics chip is built onto the motherboard and uses a computer memory RAM to function. It also means that memory is diverted from other applications, but it is not noticeable when doing simple tasks. If you want to use my laptop for gaming or high-def content look for a laptop with a separate (discrete) grafika.Posvećen graphics card such as ATI Radeon or NVidia GeForce, has its own memory so they will not eat into your RAM. As with RAM, the more memory the graphics card has more calculations to be able to accomplish.


Be sure to check for any additional features you May have to use, as well as all laptops have their own configuration. As a standard, modern laptops come with built-in wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) so that you can use it anywhere in your home at our hotspots. However, be sure to check out. Also, if you want to burn a DVD or Blu-ray discs, see the specifications. Most of them are easy to replace and can be done in unit volume, so if you want to upgrade in the future as possible.

Do not forget ...

The Internet is home to thousands of online laptop sellers. Use search engines to check the cheapest prices of laptop you're after. Make sure you buy somewhere safe, preferably with an online merchant, like PayPal, which provides protection for the buyer. eBay can be a treasure trove of bargains, so May be worth checking on this too to see if your laptop is specifically for sale.

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