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Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 Netbook Review

In general, netbooks and other 10-inch computer screen will tend to use smaller and more energy efficient, but very under-performing Intel Atom netbooks procesor.Nekoliko and laptop on the other hand using AMD processors, which offers many advantages in compared to the Intel Atom netbook napaja.Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 is one of those notebooks with AMD Athlon Neo K125 processor running at 1.7GHz. Does its performance match? Read on to find out.

in terms of design the Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 retains the same fold flat appearance with a glossy surface finish as well as other netbooks, but offer a full size keyboard. Unlike other netbooks, the keyboard is more comfortable to type with, while the track pad is quick and točna.Laptop is only slightly lighter than other netbooks at 2.7 pounds, but offers only a 10-inch display runs at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

Thank God when you combine a laptop screen with ATI Mobility Radeon 4225 graphics, you can enjoy 720p HD movies on the screen. Like other AMD power laptop Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 sports an HDMI connector which when used with HDTV provides a smooth Full HD 1080p streaming directly from your laptop to the HDTV.Laptop processor is definitely stronger, beating the closest Intel Atom powered netbook and ostavljajući.AMD processor running at higher speeds, though, and was also a bit warmer than other netbooks, which in turn affects the energy efficiency. Unplugged and one battery laptop can last longer than five hours, but the chassis does not get a little warmer than other netbooks.

In short, the Acer Aspire One AO521-3782 is a good netbook performance for HD video enthusiasts. Larger 250GB hard drive provides more space and capacity for HD files, and better graphics and HDMI connectivity makes it ideal for home theater alternative, especially if you need to go too.

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