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Streaming Video on Netbooks - Are They Good For Watching YouTube?

Most people think netbooks are for viewing online content. They are entitled to a certain extent, but they are aware of the fact that the largest portion of bandwidth is used for viewing streaming media over the Internet?

streaming video is a smashing hit since it first appeared only a few years ago. Now, every day millions of videos are watched on YouTube alone, and no smartphones taken seriously if you can not play video from the biggest video sharing site.

laptops for the job? Are they increasing in power enough to play online streaming media without any problems?

Netbooks tend to have the least power consumption hardware as possible and it usually does not result in a strong processor and much memorije.Cijena must be low and the manufacturer will be able to do so if they add additional features such as dual-core processor and fast graphics cards.

a common setup for a 10 "netbook today is N270, N280 or N450 Intel Atom processor, which is all but computing power. If you want to get some word processing work, you will not be left alone, reading news and my favorite blog will be a problem. Once you find an interesting video on YouTube, you might be the problem, though.

N270 and N280 is an old chip, but still very popular and common in netbooks. Former works at 1.6GHz, the latter is clocked at 1.66GHz, each with 512KB of L2 cache and Hyper Threading technology to solve some tasks pitanja.N450 N280 is similar in all respects, but the fact that the memory controller and integrated graphics chip.

problem with the N450 to the latest Flash that YouTube is still used despite all the debate and the battle between Apple and Adobe about flash, the enhanced graphics chips. What this means is that the integrated graphics solution N450 slower than what most netbook makers using the N270, video playback can be even slower than the older chip. Integrated graphics chips are also external chips, as well as Nvidia ION redundant.

All netbooks with these chips will run standard definition video perfectly, unless you run something in the background. The usual 1GB of memory disappears quickly when media applications are included.

High Definition YouTube videos are more demanding than a DivX encoded video will be, you will need something stronger than the usual N270 or N450. Nvidia ION them play perfectly all the way to 1080p, and while you May have some luck with the N280 when trying to 720p whole experience will be satisfactory.

Netbooks little YouTube video until your high-definition, but ran out of steam at higher resolutions. You have to decide for yourself if low upfront cost netbook justify the inability to play HD video from most popular streaming media site.

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